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🌸 A Holistic Guide To Coming Off The Pill or Hormonal IUD 🌿

Coming off the pill (or having an IUD removed) sounds easy, right?

Whether you’re getting ready to have a baby, switching to a more natural contraceptive option, or tired of dealing with the side effects, the solution seems like simply stopping taking the pill/taking the IUD out.

You throw your blister packs in the garbage and ride off into the sunset on a unicorn with Beyonce by your side #whoruntheworld

Time for a reality check my friend.

There are 2 common (but unpleasant) outcomes with this approach:

  1. You feel the “niggle” to come off the pill or remove your hormonal IUD but the fear of your period or skin problems coming back again produces anxiety (plus you’re not even sure what alternative options you have)


  2. You take the leap of faith and come off the pill (or have your hormonal IUD removed). Then your periods, mood, skin or libido are instantly on struggle street. You start panicking that the only solution is to go back on the pill again (but you don’t want to)

Here’s the thing…

MANY women are prescribed the pill to “fix” period or skin problems but all hormonal birth control does is mask your symptoms.

For many women coming off the pill can cause these same pre-pill issues to return with a nasty vengeance. UNLESS you prepare your body properly and know how to support this process you’re going to end up back at square one.

Seeing women trapped in an emotional cycle of feeling cornered into suppressing their hormones when they want to do the right thing for their bodies is heartbreaking, especially when it comes from a place of not having ALL of the information to truly make an informed choice.

The good news is that there is an answer, and it’s a step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

In this comprehensive guide, I share the same foundations I teach my clients when they’re planning to come off the pill or have their hormonal IUD (such as a Mirena) removed.

You’ll learn…

  • Ideal timing for coming off the pill or having your IUD removed and what to expect
  • The best nutritional supplements, foods, and therapeutic herbal teas to support your transition
  • Lifestyle hacks and tips to help balance your hormones post-pill or post-IUD removal 
  • A range of holistic contraceptive options, their effectiveness, and the pros and cons of each for your situation 
  • 5 Days of High Protein Breakfasts to get you started
  • A guide on how to construct a balanced plate with Hormone Health in mind so you can ditch the overwhelm and embrace confidence in the kitchen
  • Smart swaps for common foods that impair hormonal health so you’re not stuck with no idea what to eat
  • A suggested Coming Off The Pill/IUD roadmap to help you strategically implement the recommendations within the guide, minus the overwhelm 
  • A blank weekly meal planning template for you to use to help you stay on track
  • A weekly reflection journal template to help you celebrate you stay on track with your intentions