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🌸 Perimenopause Masterclass & Holistic Toolkit🌿

In this Masterclass + DIY Toolkit I share the foundations I teach my one-to-one clients when they’re navigating the hormonal transition that your 40s and 50s bring - With Clarity, Confidence and a Sense Of Control.

🌿 The Masterclass Covers:

👉How do you know if you’re IN Perimenopause 

👉What signs to look out for in your body that your hormones are changing 

👉Which blood tests can you get done (and how)

👉What’s normal versus a red flag 

👉How to negate many of the common experiences like mood changes, poor concentration/memory, and sleep disturbances

👉How to prevent weight gain and what to do when your usual strategies aren't working

👉How to manage changes to your cycles and periods themselves (heavy periods, irregular periods etc)

👉The dietary and lifestyle foundations that can make or break you during this season

👉My supplement toolkit for Perimenopause

🥗 The DIY Perimenopause Toolkit Includes:

🌱 The stages of Perimenopause explained so you can identify where you're up to

🌱 Key blood tests to do during this time to help identify hormone and nutritional imbalances 

🌱 My optimal "levels" for hormones and vitamins so you know how to interpret your blood test results with thriving health in mind

🌱 How to access private testing if you're struggling to get support for this through conventional medicine avenues 

🌱 The nutritional foundations I recommend 

🌱 Exercise and movement tips for this season. What to prioritise and why

🌱 Managing your sleep and practical tips for improving this

🌱 The importance of light, leptin and preventing weight gain 

🌱 My supplement toolkit for common problems such as poor sleep, low energy, weight gain, stress, period or cycle changes, mood changes, or poor memory/concentration 

🌱 Links to several of the products I use and love for myself and clients to support all of the above, and more!